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RMSGoes  Construction

Construction Engineer
Clues & Rules
Identifying Opportunities
Beach Town
Cost & Profits
Expectations vs Actuality
Artistic Living Room

Home Improvement Projects

    Focus points:

    2. Paint Refresh

    3. Refinish Hardwood Floors

    4. Update Mirrors

    5. New Hardware

    6. Exterior Improvements

    7. More Green Outside

    8. Create Functional Spaces

    9. Finish an Attic or Basement

    10. Update the Bathroom

Greek Architecture

Real Estate Market

Finance in real estate may be one of the hardest parts of the real estate industry and the most rewarding industry in the market. 


Project Blueprint

-Home & House Designs & Plans

-Floor Plans

-Interior Designs

-Home Renovations & Remodels

-Room Design & Planning

-Bathroom & Kitchen Designs

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