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Entrepreneur's Pride

Updated: May 15, 2023

Why is this blog entitled Entrepreneur's Pride? A pride is where a family of lions rest, meet, hunt and eat. My play on words is intentional and alludes to an opinion (my opinion): that entrepreneurs are Lions. As the "King of The Jungle", a lion has a great appetite to conquer its environment. Indeed, the entrepreneur seeks nurture, camaraderie, rulership, and success in it endeavors. Here at E.P. Blog you will find what you seek as an entrepreneur and much more: a place where you can gain the wisdom, principles, resources and community that will assist you in the regulation of the proper perspective. Entrepreneur's Pride is not just another blog- it's a place where entrepreneurs are invited to come "home" and recharge with other like minded individuals to gain added perspective.

Let Our Roar Be Heard! E.P.


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