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"Are We There Yet?"

Updated: May 15, 2023

If you have ever been on a road trip with a child at any point in your life, you have definitely heard these curious, yet painful words. Whether the ride was on a short trip (that had become lengthy because of traffic) or a longer trip states away to a much anticipated summer getaway destination; my reply to my little one is most times the same. I will slowly and quietly exhale (wanting to maintain a patient disposition) and I gently reply: "No, not yet baby". As much as no parent likes to hear these four little words, many of us may not have realized that living our own lives or even running our businesses without a clearly defined vision leaves us in the back seat wondering the same: "Am I there yet?" What's worse is: without the destination laid out to be seen, the driver of our car becomes life's situations, chance, circumstance and for some others: procrastination.

What is your dream? What is your goal? Where are you traveling to and who is behind the wheel? And how will you know whether you have arrived at the place you set out to? Stop chasing your tail in circles and get a vision. Stop being driven by your life and take charge of the "steering wheel" of your own life with a clear vision to guide you. Take charge of your direction by developing a plan (vision) for where you want to go.

If you already have a vision then now it might be your time to post the vision. If your vision is already posted you may be in a season of re-evaluating or reinventing your vision. Join me for a series of posts dedicated to VISION.

By Stephenie N. Franklin


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